Vinyasa yoga and the chacras | online course

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Vinyasa Yoga is a system based on a sequence of movements coordinated with breathing, connecting a posture to another and creating a continuous flow. Its benefits are more than proven: flexibility and strength for the physical side and more tranquility and consciousness by the psychic and spiritual side.

In this course, Kathy Lobos will teach how the physical body is related to emotions and what we can do to harmonize this connection. She will undergo movements involving all parts of the body, then join them in order to generate an overall balance – physical, mental and emotional.

The last class is especially designed to improve some physical and emotional discomforts caused by the hectic life that most of us have. To enhance the results, the course works the concept of chakras and their colors. With grounded theory but mainly practice, this will be a different way of learning this ancient science. Applied correctly, it can bring great benefits and balance in all areas of your life.

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