Vinyasa yoga and evolution of body and mind | online course

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Vinyasa is one of the most popular styles of yoga in the world. It integrates rhythmic breathing and conscious movement in all positions, leading us to a more deep level of body awareness.

As in all the practice of yoga asanas, increases strength and flexibility and this specific practice emphasizes the need to posture alignment.

During the course, basic movements to practice vinyasa yoga will be explored: Sun Salutation A and B, modified Sun Salutation, creative sequences and safe vinyasa, modifying postures for all levels of practitioners, standing postures, retroflections, twists, meditation and relaxation.

With this course, you can practice the classes with security, advancing in your physical practice and going beyond it to work in other aspects of life.

It offers an opportunity to strengthen the mind as much as the body, the integration of personal aspects and the expansion of consciousness to live more open and light attitudes.

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