Traditional Pilates: from basic to intermediate | Online course

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The method presents exercises to educate the body and mind in a joint work, developed by the German Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and is now one of the most popular exercises worldwide.

The practice can prepare you to perform exercises that provide stretching, strengthening and body awareness. Through techniques applied on the ground, with or without the use of auxiliary equipment, you can develop their full potential, improve the body balance and mind. As well as provide relaxation and realize posture importance for aesthetic and therapeutic results. The content is organized so anyone can practice carefully and consciously.

The practice of Pilates aims to:

• Encourage the activation of the deep abdominal muscles to minimize postural compensations;

• Show the importance of the abdominal muscles in posture;

• Recall to keep the neutral spine and discharge the weight;

• How to work the breath, activation and various exercises for the knowledge of the body.

Beyond those basic techniques you will know how to mobilize all joints of the body safely and effectively and understand the importance of the passive system protection, which are the ligaments and tendons. Practice exercises with greater emphasis on lower limbs, restore the balance of their musculature, show the functional importance of the lower limbs prioritize this work.

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