Wait…is that my creativity? {WIAW}

Wait…is that my creativity? {WIAW}

Morning everybody!


Its Wednesday, and you know the drill. Check out my post, then head over the to veggie queen Jenn’s site to give her some love, and while you’re at it peruse the links to all the other amazing WIAW fanatics that link up.

I’ve been in a food RUT for what feels like months. I keep trying to pull myself out of it with different tricks, tips, and guidlines, but my love of food was gone. My desire to get in the kitchen and create–to spend precious time selecting the right ingredients and preparing them precisely in a way that yielded a yummy and nutritious result–was nonexistant. If it took longer than 15 minutes, I didn’t want to make it. I forgot what flavors complemented each other, and combining textures, scents, and flavors to create a balanced, well-rounded dish–a skill I used to pride myself on and take joy in–not only seemed impossible, but also like a waste of time.

Holy biggest strawberry of my life batman

Holy biggest strawberry of my life batman

My experience with food had moved back up into my head–how much protein do I need, how many carbs does that have, will eating this gluten/dairy/soy product make me break out, am I getting too much or not enough of something? My heart was cut out entirely. Sure I was eating “healthy” but the experience was far from that.

After a week of eating plates piled high with gorgeous veggies, fresh ingredients, and incredible flavor, (like the one below)


I started to let go of the intellectual grip I had around my diet. In Hawaii, I made choices based on what sounded good to me, and what it felt like my body needed. I ate a lot, but I didn’t stuff my face with every dish at every meal. I ate what I needed to feel supported and nourished. Sometimes that meant going with a plate full of veggies and forgoing the curry with rice noodles. Sometimes, that meant a bowl of coconut quinoa topped with yogurt, papaya, banana, and granola. Eating was simple and pleasurable again.

Locally made chocolate coconut butter from Hilo, Hawaii

Locally made chocolate coconut butter from Hilo, Hawaii. Be jealous foodies. 

Since getting home, I’ve noticed some of my old flow coming back in the kitchen. I made sure to stock up at Trader Joe’s on Sunday with fresh ingredients that could be combined into several different dishes, and planned out a few different meals for the week. Instead of feeling intimidated by by kitchen and pantry, I feel inspired! I’ve tackled a few new recipes already this week, and have one in particular to share that is phenomenal, and also so easy!


Cumin roasted carrots and brocollini with sauteed lentils, microgreens, and lemon dill vinaigrette.

Sounds fancy, right? But see how simple!

Toss 3-4 brocollini stalks and 3-4 whole carrots in melted coconut oil, salt, pepper, cumin, and ginger, Roast for 25 minutes on 350 until carrots are really tender. You may need to start the carrots, then add broccolini to the pan after about 8-10 minutes depending on how thick your carrots are.

While that’s going, melt some coconut oil in a pan, add 1/2 cup of chopped cremini mushrooms and 1/4 c diced onion. Add in already cooked lentils (TJ’s sells packs of steamed ones that are a lifesaver). Add cardamom, more cumin, salt and pepper. Sautee together about 5-7 minutes.

Mix 1/8 c olive oil with juice from 1/2 a big lemon, or a whole small one. Add 2-3 TBS of apple cider or rice vinegar (I used ACV because I’m convinced its an elixir from the gods) and fresh dill. Mix well. Toss with sprouts, microgreens, whatever you like/can find.

Plate your roasted veggies first, then top with the lentils. Go for greens on top.

Can’t wait to share with y’all more of my endeavors from this week. Hope you’re having  great hump day!


What do you do to get your creativity back? 

Do you ever get stuck in your head when it comes to food/diet? 


  1. Woah DANG that’s a huge strawberry haha. and I love roasted veggies :) I’ve been roasting a lot of asparagus and sweet potatoes lately!

  2. Holy yum!! I feel ya with the lack of creativity. I’ve been so busy lately, though, that simplicity wins!

  3. I have definitely been lacking in the creativity department lately in terms of food, hopefully this will inspire me to bring it back!

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