Re-integration into real life {MIMM}

Re-integration into real life {MIMM}

Happy Monday y’all!

GOODNESS I miss this giant pack of weirdos.

GOODNESS I miss this giant pack of weirdos.

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It is Marvelous Monday after all!

Sunday was definitely a test of the shift I experienced last week. After going to bed at 2am Friday, waking up at 6, then staying up all Saturday night on the flight from Honolulu to LAX, getting a gnarly stomachache and acid reflux attack after coffee, and being surrounded by a crop of children that couldn’t be quiet or sit still on the flight from LAX to Salt Lake I wasn’t really excited to get home to a giant bag of sweaty lulu to wash, or going to the grocery and planning meals for the week. What I really wanted to do was crawl into bed and binge on a few episodes of House of Cards and go to bed at 3 in the afternoon.

Totally in love with both these places.

Totally in love with both these places.

After a looooong shower to get the airplane gunk off –does any body else just feel YUCK after flying? — and covering my whole body in this yumminess…


…I was starting to feel better, so I threw load number one of three in the washer,

One load--16 pairs of yoga pants.

One load–16 pairs of yoga pants.

They're hung all over the house. Clay and Chris think I have a problem.

They’re hung all over the house. Clay and Chris think I have a problem.


then started making my grocery list.


Trader Joe’s, per usual, didn’t let me down, and I’m actually STOKED to get back in the kitchen more this week. I’m sure I’ll feature some creations in WIAW with Jenn next week–get pumped!

Totally how I feel right now.

Totally how I feel right now.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to go back to work tomorrow. The office is amazing, but its still pretty high pressure, and I’ll be jumping right into full production of 3 programs as well as de-breifing and closing up Hawaii. Its going to be a highly conscious series of choices to be FOR others and to put my listening filters, anxieties and inauthenticities aside, and be present and spacious. Wish me luck! I’m going for it!

PS. Check out this interview on I did for the Lifestyle Accountability Podcast with Adam and Devin Bates! I talk all about healthy living– yoga, body love, accountability, and POSSIBILITY. You don’t wanna miss it.

Have a marvelous, miraculous Monday loves!


What do you find hardest about traveling?

Do you have one item of clothing that has taken over your closet (or your whole house?)


  1. I feel gross after a long flight!! I always need to shower first thing.
    Haha, i looove your yoga pants all over the place!! It’s absolutely the same with my workout clothes, they’re everywhere.
    Have a great start today girl, you will rock it!!

    • Ugh I know! Airplane air makes my skin dry and nasty and clogs up my breathing–no fun at all! Luckily I’m past that though. Thanks for the love–hope your back is doing better!

  2. You are SO amazing! Seriously the coolest yogi ever! Wishing you luck today, no stressing girl! <3

    • Thank you, thank you gorgeous! We need to put our heads together–I’d love to work with you on leading a retreat or something one day! Have a great week! xoxo

  3. showers are definitely so, so necessary after a long flight…they do make you feel gross. Although I think the hardest thing for me with travelling is changing time zones…it always throws me off!
    Hope your week is getting off to a great start love! <3

  4. I know you will hang in there but I still understand how tough it is to stick it through a tough process like this

  5. So jealous of Hawaii!! Love your yoga pants everywhere :)

  6. Welcome Home!! I just flew home from the west coast on Friday night and I felt THE EXACT same…all I wanted was sleep and GOOD FOOD…but your body is so cramped up from sitting for so long! Anyway, happy you’re back:)

    • UGH food while traveling is so hard! LAX was okay, but Honolulu had starbucks and burger king–luckily I’d packed a few oranges and quest bars! xoxo

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