I’m on my way homeeee!!!!! My teacher training in Hawaii wrapped up this morning, and its a long few flights back to Park City which means plenty of time to hit the blogoblag. I’m seriously vibrating with energy right now from my head to my toes–where do I even start with this post?


Seriously, could I ever try to distill my  Baptiste Level One experience into words at all, much less a single post? I spent a few hours at the airport trying to get words out about what I’ve been through, what I felt, what opened up, and what the possibilities are for my life from here.

Okay,fine. I spent several hours with a tab open to a blank post while I checked email and facebook stalked people from training. Whatever.

Anyway, what I came to is that my experience  in Hawaii over the last week isn’t actually something that I can give life to through words. By trying to tell y’all what I learned, I’m actually de-valuing and undercutting the entire point of the training.  What shifted is actually in my entire way of being–in the way I listen, the way I am with people, god and myself, the way I speak, and, within that, the way I write.

Side Plank--get it?

Side Plank–get it?

Writing about this training doesn’t do anything for me, and it certainly doesn’t do anything for you as a reader, no matter who you are. Neither of us gains from me trying to intellectualize a shift that goes so much deeper than just knowledge or intellect, so what’s the point? Don’t get me wrong, I’m desperate to share about my trip, and enroll y’all in what I learned AND, I’m not going to do it through words. Rather, you’ll see it show up in how I write, what I write about, what I’m up to in my life. You’ll get to experience it in the new videos that go up in the coming weeks. What I’m getting to is this — Creating an as-lived experience of the training is far more important to me than giving life to it through language.


That concept is SO hard for me. Giving words to my experiences is how I make them real, its how I make sense of what goes on my life and in my head. Words are how I inspire, share with, and enroll others. I’m a writer–language is a huge part of my creativity and vitality. AND, I use them too freely. Often can’t feel as if I’m complete with an experience, thought, or feeling until I’ve given it language. I’ve been using words to validate my own experience, when really my experiences don’t need any validation at all!


So, how was Hawaii? Really frickin’ amazing. Let me show you.


oh oh oh oh! One more thing–I got my Fitfluential Ambassador acceptance! That email was a fun one to come across when deleting reading and responding to the 300 new messages that I accumulated over the week. I know my girl Lucie got accepted too–who else?? I’m so stoked to join in the campaigns, and to be a part of such an inspiring group of bloggers!

Okay for real this time. All done :)


  1. It sounds like a lot of fun. That is such an interesting and so true concept. I’ve always learned more from doing versus reading (I’m sure others are the same way). I think that is a great way to share your journey.

    Congrats on getting accepted to fitfluential!

  2. Sounds like you had quite the experience in Hawaii – I can’t wait to hear more about it lady! And congrats on the acceptance – I’m in too! :-D

  3. Almost welcome home! Saw that pic of you on Facebook looking very summery and knew you must be living it up somewhere sunny! :) x

  4. I’m so happy you had such an amazing time in Hawaii love!! And yayyy for FitFluental!!! Sooo coool!!! Big congrats to us both!!


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