WIA (and wish I ate) W!

WIA (and wish I ate) W!

Morning my lovelies!

Its Wednesday–you don’t an explanation.

Thank you Jenn for providing a foodie voyeur outlet, and reminding us all that veggies = LOVE.

Since last week was my miraculous return to the roots of the WIAW party, I figured I should stay with that theme, and again show you a full day of eats. Here we go…what I ate on Tuesday…

Of course there's coffee, tea and water ALLLL day long.

Of course there’s coffee, tea and water ALLLL day long.


Anticlimactic I know. The top picture is what all I took to work with me. I made a giant smoothie with frozen berries, spinach, almond milk, water, and dark chocolate herbalife powder. I drank one cup at breakfast, the other with my lunch of leftover chicken, asparagus and broccoli that I sauteed in coconut oil with tumeric, liquid aminos, and cumin. Hard boiled egg for a snack before teaching yoga. Dinner was enjoyed at the Road to Sushi party with a group of my favorite girls and several glasses of wine.

Cheers to AMERICA

Cheers to AMERICA

**Note: when we named the party, it was going to be a sushi dinner while watching the Olympics. We changed the menu but kept the awesome name.**

Unpictured few chips and salsa and slices of smoked gouda with fig jam, and pictured bowl of pasta and salad mixed together because why not?

If I left this post at that, I don’t know that I’d be allowed to keep my foodie blogger club card. 3 pictures, almost all leftovers? Boo.

So, per the title, I’ve also included pics of what I wish a ate yesterday…

At-home yumminess.

At-home yumminess.

This breakfast hit my SPOT the other morning. 2 eggs fried to runny yolk perfection in coconut oil, and lots of spinach on a toasted Costco brand whole grain sandwich thin. Side of navel orange.


And if I’d had this most perfect of all dishes for lunch, I may have died at my desk. There’s only so much perfection a body can handle, and Jenn is pushing the limits with her copycat Fish House Grits a Ya Ya recipe.

For dessert or a snack, I would have killed for some of these Coffee no-bake balls from Blissful Brit

If we’re calling them energy bites, we might as well add caffeine, right? I can’t wait to make a batch of these babies.


There. That’s better, yeah? Have a great day loves! I’ll see back here tomorrow.



  1. AHH this is the cutest blog!! YOU MUST try those bites, seriously..you will NOT be disappointed! Oh and I totally agree with that ecard..haha.

  2. decaf?? why is that even a thing. I swear lately I have been craving smoothies. I need to grab frozen fruit next time I shop

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