Risk Taker {MIMM}

Risk Taker {MIMM}

Good morning everyone!!

I’m so happy to be back in the MIMM party. Katie is a goddess for hosting this every week–she’s so great at reminding us all that there is a little sparkle in every day. Thank you Diva!

It is Marvelous Monday after all!

This weekend required me to step out of my comfort zone on several different occasions. It was a little scary at times, but so rewarding!

Lets recap shall we?

Friday I went to watch the Opening Ceremonies at Drafts with some friends. I played it safe with Sauvignon Blanc, but I did try this ridiculously named beer that my friend Mackenzie was brave enough to order


Yep. Moose Drool. As yucky as it sounds, this brown ale was pretty tasty! Its brewed in Montana, and has a really distinct nut flavor.

My risk for the night involved our adorable server who I may or may not have made plans to meet up with on Saturday night…and that’s all I have to say about that :)

My Saturday started off as usual–I took the 9:00am yoga class, then taught my kick-ass vinyasa class at 10:30. After a shower and some food, I headed over to visit my incredible hair stylist Gina at Spectrum Salon. I went to see her for a trim a couple weeks ago, and told her that I was starting to get bored with my cut, and asked her about doing something fun with the color. Her genius mind came up with peacock inspired highlights on one side.

Let me preface this by saying that I have never in all my life had a stylist that I trust as much as Gina. If anyone else suggested that, I would have gotten up and walked out. But with G, I knew that whatever I got would be the perfect blend of fun, funky, and classy.


So, Saturday was the big day!

And while this picture doesn’t exactly do the look justice (coffeshop selfies with a cracked front camera aren’t the most high-quality of photos if you can imagine that), I’m obsessed. Its pretty understated, but when the light hits it, you can really see the pigment.


Surprise Mom and Dad! At least its not another tattoo, right?

I taught a beginner yoga class on heart opening at 4:30, then most of the rest of Saturday afternoon was spent hanging with my roomie, flipping between comedy central and the Olympics. Another risk that paid off? Agreeing to live with two guys that I didn’t really know very well. It turns out that we’re all respectful, clean, and chill, and on the same level weirdness which is always a bonus.

Saturday night was a fun outing to No Name Saloon–another risk! I often skip going out in favor of being a hermit and going to bed early, but as I previously mentioned, this night was an exception. Its always fun to go meet new people!


Sunday started with more yoga! I took the 7:30, then subbed the 9am class since several of our teachers were at a Seane Corn workshop in Salt Lake (that I soooo badly wish I could have attended!). Then, since we’ve finally started to get some pow, I headed up to the mountain for a little skiing! I haven’t done much since I’ve been here–its almost $100 a day to ride, and we’ve had a lame winter, so I haven’t been too eager to hit the slopes. I had a customer from when I used to work at Starbucks offer to give me some good lessons, though, so I took him up on the offer and had a blast! It was a little wet, but fun nonetheless.

The rest of Sunday was spent recovering. After a week of working like a madwoman, 2 late nights in a row, and lots of teaching and practicing, I was in need of some R&R. I headed over to my favorite local coffeeshop to do some work for on the teacher training I’m producing in Hawaii, and treat myself to one of their incredible coconut milk lattes.


Their no-bake energy bites are a yummy treat too! One flavor is peanut butter, coconut, and craisin, the other is date, chocolate, chia.

After finishing up work, I headed home to watch more of the Olympics, paint my nails, blog, and cook dinner.


I finished up the night with my favorite restorative pose–waterfall, or legs-up-the-wall. Nothing better.

I always have to remember to take special time to rest and rejuvenate, especially after pushing myself. This week presented several challenges and growth opportunities. It was marvelous to welcome those, and see what opened up for me by stepping out of my little box of “normal”. However, balance is key! Its so important to counter those times of growth with moments of peace to allow them to settle in and take hold in you.

I think that’s all I have for you today! Have a wonderful rest of your Monday, and a beautiful start to your week!


What is the craziest color you’ve ever put in your hair?

What is one risk you’ve taken in the past week?

What’s your favorite way to unwind and relax?


  1. balance is key! couldn’t be more right. coconut milk latte sounds amazing. funny story but actually the creators of moose drool came and spoke in my college to our entrepreneurship class

  2. Your hair looks AWESOME. Gosh I love it!!! And look at you…Saturday night better turn out well ;)

  3. I have the day off so I’m laying down before running errands. I tried a dark purple on the underside(?) of my hair once. It didn’t work out because they had to bleach it first and that was a fail.

    • AW! They had to bleach mine out first too, and this other lady in the salon thought I was just going to leave it that way–she gave me the craziest look.

  4. I don’t even know where to start!! This sounds like such a fun weekend!! I love that you went skiing. I am a huge snowboarding freak, so I love when my blogger friends do the same! THough 100$ seriously is insane – even tops the high prices in the Swiss Alps!
    I love your hair! Gorgeous. And I’m jealous of all your Yoga practice, I had to skip my 2 classes last week cause I was so busy.
    Have a great week love and I hope to hear soon from that adorable server :-)

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