Freedom From Perfection {kickoff week!}

Good morning loves!

How is everyone this fantastic Tuesday? I’m wonderful because today is the first official day of Freedom From Perfection!

If you don’t know about this campaign, its something I’ve started as a way to let go of the shame and guilt that we all carry around. Its a way to shine a light into the dark places that we try to keep hidden from the word and embrace our full selves–flaws and all! Check out my video about it here!

I’m so excited to get this party started! I received so much support for this campaign over the past week, and I can’t wait to share some of the submissions y’all have sent in, as well as get a thing or two off my own chest.

Sam @BetterWithSprinkles tweeted: “After some time calorie counting again, I’m learning that it’s AWFUL for my relationship with food! Never again! ”

oh and she HATES kale! Check this post out!

Jessie says: “I haven’t put on any more weight since being diagnosed with hypothalmic amenorrhoea. Because of this I feel hopeless…I want it to happen NOW! That being said, I’ve set a November goal for myself of breaking this fear of adding even more food into my daily diet”

Chelsie @BalanceNotScale said: “chocolate in bed makes my life better!”

and shared this quote that brought me to tears: “I am grateful for my eating disorder for granting me wisdom and teaching me to be appreciative of all life has to offer. For showing me how bad things can be and helping me to appreciate every single moment of good that comes my way. It has given me strength and confidence and lets me display my resilience and tenacity. I have met some of the strongest women I will ever know. For these things and more, I wouldn’t trade a single moment of my illness. ”

Courtney tweeted: “I read your blog when I should be doing school”

(thanks Courtney! )

Laura said: “When working on a project I have a hard time letting people help me because I don’t trust them to do it like me or good enough”

Anna Rae sent this message: “”I have this weird ironic mixture of low self-esteem but high self-confidence, meaning that I believe I am of little worth now but, if I put my mind to it, I am capable of being perfect. This keeps me from completely healing because if I don’t meet all my “goals” (which are generally more like rules), I feel like an utter failure– since I believe perfection is attainable for me, my standards are ridiculous. I sound arrogant, but really could not be further from that.”

And a few anonymous submissions:

“I hate the days leading up to my me seeing my parents. I get anxious about how bad I look and that they’re going to tell me about it”

“my biggest fear is that I’ll have some medical issue and collapse/faint in public, and no one will be able to pick me up”

“Definitely guilty about spending money on food during lunch (esp. at Golden Roast) instead of using the groceries I buy”

“I wondered if I should have breakfast after having seconds of my mom’s corn bread and casserole. Dumb! I wasn’t even overfull after seconds!”

And now for mine. I posted another vlog because I have this weird thing now where I really like to do them. Its pretty scary, and something I’m definitely going to address in a full writing post (probably tomorrow) because it deserves a lot of attention and reflection. Today though,I just need to get this secret off my chest so that its not weighing me down anymore!

So…here goes nothing!

And I just thought of this one too…I didn’t eat any Halloween candy. And I wish I could have.

Thanks so much for your submittals! I hope that those of you who sent things in are starting to feel the freedom that comes with sharing. I am so proud of all the bravery that this post contains. Shining a light on our secrets is an extremely vulnerable but amazingly beautiful and transformative experience. You are all so strong and I am incredibly inspired by the honesty. I wish I could snuggle the crap out of everyone!

I can’t wait to read your posts! Link up below, and don’t forget to paste the button on your page!

Set yourselves free! You DO have that power!



  1. I like that you like video blogs because I love you in them!! I also like video blogs … I think that I’m going to make my #freEDom Tuesdays video blogs from now on. It almost seems more … real? … heartfelt? … I don’t know. But what I do know is that I like the idea.
    If and when we ever meet, I’m bringing us some belated Halloween candy. I’m telling you this now so you have enough time to mentally prepare. ;)
    I’ve said this before, and I know I’ll say it again — thank you SO much for giving us this platform. Having just read Alex’s post, and the submissions, and hearing your #freEDom story of the week, I can tell already that SO many people are going to benefit from your movement. You’re fabulous and amazing and don’t ever doubt it or forget it!!! <3

    • That is a great idea! I agree, its a little harder to have to say the things out loud than to just type them out. And Hooray for Halloween candy together! I’m totally cool with that plan!
      Love you and thank you so much for your enthusiasm!

  2. Angelia Jones says:

    Loved this post, love this campaign! My submission: I have enormous trust issues, so even though i may love and respect someone, it is difficult to ask for help. In the last few weeks I have needed more help than in the past year all together, and I have trouble asking for it. I’m afraid I will become a burden or pest to those I love. I’m getting better at it, but I’m nowhere near where I ought to be!

    • Thank you so much for submitting! Can I put this in the post next week? And you are exactly where you need to be! Keep learning, leaning, and trusting. I love you so much and am so proud of you.

  3. chasingchels says:

    Love everything about today darlin, thanks to you! Andddd I have to say that I’m very proud of you for recognizing the running isn’t your thing/healthy for you right now. I have grown to love running myself (used to absolutely loathe it…go figure) for the strength and belief in myself that it’s given me, but because of my ED, I have to ask myself each and every time I get up to go, “why am I going out right now? Do I really want to run? Or do I feel like I have to to make up for something/punish myself for enjoying something too much?” If the answer is the latter, I try my best to not let myself run right at that moment, since I know I won’t be going for the right reasons…it doesn’t always work, but I’m proud of myself when it does

  4. I love how honest and real you are on your blog-it’s awesome. This is such a great campaign and I love reading all the entries!

  5. I love your VLOGS – you are just too adorable!

    I’m so glad the campaign’s gotten off to a great start! Definitely some great submissions.

    P.S. When I met you one day (and it totally needs to happen eventually) we’ll find some Halloween candy to eat :-p

  6. Hey Sloane, I just passed by your blog the first time and I love it and I love the Vlog!! That’s a great campaign and I would love to link in sometime – I’ve got enough issues, ouhyess. Hugs from Switzerland! Lucie

  7. this campaign makes me super happy, just super happy. I just added my link and am really happy the word is getting out. I adore your vlogs. I mean I adore your blog in general because of the honestly. I want to meet you one day and together we will challenge one of those ed thoughts, aka halloween candy all the way. I will show you the wonderful world of sugar. I also think it is good you are challenging this running mentality. I think when you feel you have to despite hating it – you know it is not what your body wants. Last year, I took six months off of all exercise to really find what my body wanted. keep pushing girl!

  8. I really love this idea that you came up with. It’s so nice to be able to share something with others who are in similar situations. Maybe I’ll try writing one of these eventually. You’re so strong, and the fact that you’re willing and ready to share your story with others says a lot about how far you’ve come!

  9. Hi Sloane! I just started following as I heard so many great things about your blog (and YOU) on some of my regulars and I am so glad I found it. You are truly inspirational and are undoubtedly helping so many women with their own struggles. I love the blogging community and the support it offers. Can’t wait to read more and it’s nice to meet you (via internet!).

  10. Awesome blog today! Love the campaign and the work you are doing. Love you too

  11. What an amazing campaign, Sloane. Your videos, too — you have a great spirit. Looking forward to seeing this grow!

  12. Thanks for starting this, Sloane! I think it is really powerful and I was glad to get to link up this week. Good for you on cutting back the running and treating your body with respect! I find yoga to be so restorative. Also, I love the vlogs; they’re great!

  13. I love this campaign and I love your submission. I think I might participate next week! There’s a few things I could probably submit. I love your vlogs – I feel they are more personal and are a great way to express yourself freely. I think your submission is my favorite – because I can relate to it 100%.

  14. I love that you love vlogging now. You are so adorable Sloane. I just wanna fly to you right now and give you the biggest hug EVER.. oh & accompany you to one of those yoga classes :).

    Most importantly though, I am SO SO SO SO proud of you for realizing that hey running isn’t good for me at the moment & taking action.

    p.s.. i’m thinking we should video chat one of these days


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